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Desayuno en Vegan & Raw Organics to go and delivery Breakfast in Vegan & Raw this morning?


Divine Food


Dips & Sprouts
Raw Hummus

Raw Hummus

Our hummus is made from raw and sprouted chickpeas so all of the enzyme inhibitors have been eliminated. This means there is nothing chemically standing in the way of you absorbing all the good bits.

Beetroot pâtés

Beetroot Paté

Our homemade stunning Beetroot pâtés crafted with sunflower seeds delivers a pink y purple pate that will get your taste buds zinging and brighten up any happy plate.

Kale Crips

Kale Chips

Our dehydrated Kale Chips are high in beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, and rich in calcium, definitely qualifies as a healthy food, not forgetting their divine taste.



Our sprouts family our all made withStructured water meaning that they are soaked in Living & oxygenated water and has a balanced ph. OurSprouts contain a significant amount of protein and dietary fiber, as well as vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, thiamin, vitamin C, vitamin A, and riboflavin.
In terms of minerals, sprouts contain manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium. We grow alfalfa, lentil, mung, fenugreek, plus sunflower & pea greens.


Breads & Crackers

Breads & Crackers

Onion Bread

Our homemade golden brown Onion bread is an excellent addition to soups, sandwiches and salads.

Multi-Seed Crackers

Multi-Seed Crackers

Our homemade Multi Seed Crackers use the healthiest seeds to make this raw cracker a true superfood cracker with abundant healthy nutrients, excellent with our Raw Hummus

beetroot Cracker

Beetroot Cracker

Our homemade beetroot crackers are the perfect daily food, great with our pâtés and spreads, ideal to take home for dipping into gently warmed soups.


Chickpea Crackers

Our homemade flavourful chickpea crackers are a great gluten-free snack that is perfect on its own or with your favourite dips!


Buckwheat Crackers

Our homemade dehydrate Buckwheat cracker has a beautiful earthy and nutty flavour. Simple, crispy and delicious, it will bring a smile to your face.


Pumpkin and Flax Wrap

Our homemade dehydrate wholesome Pumpkin and Flax wrap, filled with nutty goodness with a soft texture, our customers love this to create their own wrap with the help of our hummus or beet root pate.


Lasagne vegan


Our perfectly crafted vegan and raw lasagna is made with cashew nuts, spinach and walnuts, a tasty dish, perfect whether you follow a vegan or a raw food diet., it is our signature dish, and is  a must!

Burger Vegan


Our elegant and well stacked quinoa & chia burguer is filled with crispy fresh salad, brought together with buckwheat bread along with our home made raw “moustard dressing ¨ a great way to be naughty and still feel amazingly healthy and nourished

Wrap vegan


Our supreme wrap is filled with crispy fresh salad sprouts and hummus, made from whole fresh ingredients and wrapped in our signature flax “bread”, its unforgettable!

Spaghetti veagan


Our zucchini Spaghetti bring together with our arrabiata sauce wholesome and delicious!

Falafel Vegan


Our gourmet sprouted chickpea falafel is filled with crispy fresh salad, brought together with a lemon tahini dressing and carrot “bread”, it’s a twist worth trying!

pizza vegan


Our delicious pizza is made with our fantastic carrot bread and our spectacular cashew cheese.

Juices and Smoothies

Juices and Smoothies

All our cold pressed juices and crafted on site every morning using structured water.

Green Smoothie

Green Earth

Kale, Cucumber, Celery and Ginger

Red Fire

Red Fire

Beetroot, orange, carrot & ginger

Orange AIR

Orange Air

Orange, carrot, turmeric

Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Water, Cucumber, Lemon, Mint

Green Earth

Green Smoothie

Mint, banana, spinach, dates,



Watermelon, Cucumber, Tomato


Chocolate vegan


Raw Cocoa, Avocado, Buckwheat, Dates



Pumpkin cake, cashew, raw coconut oil

Cheese vegan


Blueberry, cashew, Buckwheat, dates

Raw Specials

Raw Specials

Daily Menu

Daily Menu

Our daily menu is perfect for anyone who want to keep in tip-top shape while working hard and on the move. Includes a starter,  a main & a dessert for 15€.

Green Smoothie


Retreat Caterings

Vegan & Raw is appropriate for yoga, health, meditation and spiritual retreats. Our menus are designed to optimise the spirit of the retreat. Our delicious and nourishing meals allows your body to heal and complete nutritional integration.


Vegan & Raw catering offers a unique culinary experience to your next retreat that will align the energy of the food with restoration, rejuvenation and inspiration.

Every retreat participant will feel satisfied and inspired by our food. We make sure that every single meal is certified organic and contains a huge variety of balanced nutrients and plant based protein.




By Beverley Pugh

Module 1 – February 25 Basic Raw Vegan Workshop

Module 2 – March 18 Green Smoothies, Juicing, Sprouts, Wheatgrass

Module 3 – April 15 Beautiful Breakfast

Module 4 – May 13 Beautiful Lunch

Module 5 – June 3 Sweets

The Team

The Team
Marina Alemany
Logistics Manager
Marina studied audiovisual communication and worked commercially across audiovisual, marketing, logistics and project management. Marina has a well developed background in health and fitness as she has been a basketball coach for 5 years.
Beverley Pugh
Beverley Pugh, Hippocrates Health Educator, Raw Vegan Food Chef & Coach.

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